Recoleta and Palermo: Free Tour

From a luxurious palace that houses an embassy, we walk by the Most luxurious city Avenue to a church than belonged to the Recoletos monks. Beside to the church, the old cemetery become the 3rd. World most important cemetery. Through a brief walk through its streets, we discover stories of terror and revenge until the mausoleum of Eva Duarte, our "Evita".

After leave the cemetery, we go through a chain of squares with monuments and museums to look like a giant metal flower closes at sunset. From there we get the Rose Garden bus. There we accompany the exercise routine of locals after the workday.

At the end of the tour, who likes can relax with a craft beer in a lively pub at Palermo "Hollywood".

Meeting Point

Arroyo y Alvear Av., Plaza Carlos Pellegrini. We wear Light Blue shirts with our logo.


Tuesday to Thursday 03.00 pm.
3.5 hours on tour with breaks and rides.

No Cost

The Tour if free!
But the guides accept tips.
They deserve it, right?

Craft Beer

We invite to drink a cold beer to close the day as the porteños done. Where? In "Hollywood" version of Palermo's neighbourhood. Cheers!

Even with rain

Is raining? Don´t worry. You're not going to get wet. Here clothes noshrinking. We have an umbrella!

Spa / Eng / Por

The tour guide will guide in Spanish and English. Although they also speak Portuguese.

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15 6360 3640
400 Humberto Primo St., San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.